85 Years of Colorful Innovation

Matthews Topcoats provide a long-lasting, UV resistant finish that boasts unsurpassed color and gloss retention. With three different lines to choose from-including the environmentally friendly MAP Ultra Low VOC- and unlimited color options, there is a topcoat to meet any project requirement.


Matthews Conventional Topcoats - 5.4 lbs/gal VOC

Matthews conventional acrylic polyurethane paints provide unsurpassed color, gloss retention and durability over a variety of substrates including metal, wood and many first surface plastics. Featuring a superior two-component catalyzed coating system, Matthews Conventional Topcoats offer excellent ultraviolet, chemical and weather protection for signage and architectural metals.


Matthews Low VOC Topcoats - 2.8 or 3.5 lbs/gal VOC

An easy way to meet 2.8 or 3.5 VOC compliance regulations on your sign projects, Matthews acrylic polyurethane, low VOC topcoats offer unsurpassed color and gloss retention while protecting against ultraviolet rays, chemicals, and extreme weather and climates. Matthews Low VOC Topcoats provide exceptional durability over a variety of substrates including metal, wood, and many first surface plastics.

Ultra Low VOC

Matthews MAP Ultra Low VOC Topcoats - .4172 lbs/gal VOC

Strong on color and durability, easy on the environment, Matthews MAP Ultra Low VOC Topcoats limit VOC to less than 50g/L while providing better gloss retention and hiding than standard acrylic polyurethane paints. As with all Matthews topcoats, MAP Ultra Low VOC sign paint offers exceptional UV and chemical resistance and withstands extreme weather and climates.